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Disciplined. Principled. Empowered.


Aphramia is a Virtual State of The Indigenous People Of Antiquity of The Mesopotamian Landscape (Fertile Crescent) in the Near East.  Here you will find a brief history of the State's Establishment and Formation, The Laws and Regulations, The Governmental Institutions, The United People Front and Their Disunion, Their Various Factions and Sects and Their Overall Current State of Affairs.

It is The Aphramatic Institute of Empowerment's (AIE) Duty and Responsibility as The Grand Mediator to Maintain Our Imagination and Contain Our Reservation, in order to Insure The Vitality and Longevity of the Aphramian Virtual State.

Our Purpose is to Enhance and Empower the People to Create A New Identity From The Remnants of the Old Empires and The Congregational Religious Mentality.

The work of the AIE can neither be undone nor can be done without YOU: The People!

A New Kind

Of Agency.


June 18, 2017

We must WITH ONE VOICE connect with the powerful people of all powerful government in order to insure that our cause and state of affairs are being handled with the utmost care and under extreme urgency.


Thank you for your interest in aphramia. If you have a question, concern, or would simply like to get in touch, please see the information below.


1840 S. Gaffey Street PMB 200
San Pedro, CA 90731


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