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The Assembly of The Elders


The Mitrakh is an Assembly of all kinds of Organizations and Associations registered in their respective jurisdiction and representing the People of their various affiliations.


It includes Political, Social, Religious, Charitable, Educational, Health and Sports, and various Community Contributions.

These organizations shall be registered with the NRA and appoint 2 individuals from their membership to be representative at The Mitrakh.


All organizations shall have equal weight of two representatives, regardless of their size. However, all organization must meet the minimum requirement of 100 or more members and shall be current on its dues of membership 

The Mitrakh shall convene twice a year in a closed session and once a year in an open session during the International Congress Convention (ICC).

All sessions are made available to the public and all documents shall be Archived in the Aphramatic People's Library (APL) and made available at all times through various accessible means. 

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